August 05, 2013

Please Come Back, I Love You

One blink of eyes in the middle of loving season,
I have never forget how you hold me in your arms,
Between the sound of water, beneath the peace of lotus flowers,
Giving a turbulence in my soul, as if inside me is a rushing wind,
My love, don't you see every tear in my words ?,
In every rainbow, there's a limited time to face,
Like a heart was made by the stone and sand,
Please, hold me once more,
My love, whenever I see east horizon, I see you,
Your smile and your perfection fulfill  the stars with its bright light,
Even though or path is blurred by the night,
Please come back, I love you


Anonymous said...

Very good, i liked it!

visit me too.

im waiting more!

Anonymous said...

I liked it, waiting more poems!

visit me too!