January 22, 2013

Just Close Your Eyes

That night, whenever the falling star cross over the horizons. That very night, where I hold your hand and never let go. I promise under the moon that shines, your name and mine will be written in the sky forever, because I love you so deeply above all else...

Every day I am waiting for you, even for a thousand more, I'll do,
Like the flowers that live on the other side of the mountain, that is love,
Flowing to the downstream, a river that racing with anxiety over the time,
Baby, whenever a couple of doves were flying away, they'll be together also,
Every night while I watch the stars, I always ponder about you,
Your eyes, your smiles and everything inside your heart, I love you,
Doesn't matter when or where, still be a perfect moment for us,
Just close your eyes and you'll see me in your beautiful dreams,
Like a rainbow that exists after the rain, our love is so amazing,
Beneath the sky and clouds, our story is dancing ......... :)


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Kyalo Johnson said...

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