October 29, 2012

Please Don't Leave Me

you are my everything, in all way,where the desire meets the spring of roses....

Every step that I've made was all about you,
Every mark on calendar, the way to be with you,
Was not my heart closed down for the wind at winter ?,
Say it louder, baby, so I can memorize a blitz of thunder,
In my vision, I see you many times, but a blur was its name,
Even a beautiful sunset can't hug me much longer than the hope,
Let it be, like the shadow in the night, choose its own path of love,
Where a dream is like the leaves that shed throughout the time,
Please don't leave me, baby, only you that are my breath,
I know my mistakes were like rain season at daylight,
When it is gone, it left in your heart like a glimpse of scratch,
Don't leave me, I can't stand for love beside this much....

ps : I am waiting for you all the time, don't you know ?


MS Mahawar said...

Beautiful poem!

Dexiell said...

Thankss :D

Iqbal Hossain said...

Wow! This is indeed a beautiful story. I can't keep my eyes on your post :)
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