January 31, 2010

Please Don't You Leave Me

My dear husband, by the time you read this letter, I want to be alone for a moment. Don't worry, I'll take care for myself. Yet I hope the easterly wind would take me to the right path, where there is love, there is dream. The sweetest breeze along the river, the amazing views from the blue sky, where faith lay down within hope. Please let me go, I am a butterfly under the sun.

I want to cry, but no more tears,
Fear a night, every time the wind blows,
My God, please forget me,
For I am, a dream that unspeakable,
Truly, my heart is hurt until the last strength,
Baby, please don't you leave me,
Like a meaning inside the breath,
A smile that forced to be,
And I am sorry for our memories,
Just whenever you expected me more than the stars.

to love you is a power of love !

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