June 04, 2009

25 Reasons Why I Love You

25 Reasons Why I Love You :

1. You are a candle that make everything shine
2. Hands to hold me up in a storm of life
3. A smile from the bless of heaven
4. Never give up when talking about love
5. An angel of love
6. Tears that come from the river of truth
7. Your dreams, our dreams
8. A lotus that spread love under moonlight
9. A wall of water to hold my fire
10. Your eyes are my light
11. Steady upon the breath of life
12. Victory beneath the time
13. Magnificent lover
14. Endless story
15. Pureness of love
16. Eternity and glory within your heart
17. Shall I conquest another one ? While the singing birds give their approve on you
18. Morning and evening are one
19. My Love destiny
20. Speechless when describe your beauty
21. Will love come to end ? Whenever you are a new chapter of eternal love
22. Please help me , I love you ^_^
23. A beginning of flowers blooming
24. Who am I that given such precious moment ?
25. My mouth full of smile to love the beauty of yours . . .

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