May 09, 2008

Baby, I am Thinking About You All The Time

Listen to me, baby, a little advice will make you fly, just when a song ready to sing, baby, don't stop dreaming.

A wonderful night that I've spent with you,
Seeing the stars so bright and shiny,
Whenever my breath was only for you,
Until the dawn become so lovely,
I wish you can make me smile again,
To the blue sky that filled with light from the sun,
Baby, i am thinking about you all the time,
Don't you feel the love flows inside me ?
Tracking your footsteps,
Seeking for your endless love and the moon that shines,
All things just a runaway mind,
Until my body was dropped,
Listen to me, baby,
I need your love so badly.


Anna said...

I received your comment and thank you. I understand! And thank you for the links back.

E-Tavasi said...

my dear friends :)

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