April 06, 2008

Love Letter : Please Come Back To Me

Dearest love ,

Say something that i don't know, tell me about my cry inside this heart, didn't the sun rises on the east and sleep on the west ? didn't the moon also told us stories that we knew ?

My love, let us make something new, a journey to begin, together we will sing a love song under the moon, a love that only a few.

My heart can't hold it anymore, i really need your love, please come back to me, do you remember whenever we were kissing ? where you are now still in my heart for everlasting.

My love, everyday I've dream about you, your touch, your kindness, and everything that i desire in you.

I always ask the moon, when are you gonna fulfill my dreams ?

Knowing that this heart was missing you, i try to find a place for me in the corner of your life, i hope you will forgive me . I love you.

Please come back to me, my love

Sincerely yours,

( your true love )


A Simple Life said...

it's a very lovely poem, and i felt sad, lol

off topic: being a man doesn't mean you won't take care of your feet :)

have a great wednesday evening.

Dexiell said...

Hi, thx ^_^

off topic : not being a man only but for every one who are tired from their journey to find their love, they need to take care their feet hehehe . .

thx for the comment ^_-