January 02, 2014

Please Forgive Me

One power of love, that floating with the beauty of fireflies,
Beneath the moonlight that shines with everlasting love,
The wind that blows in December, you can feel in every moves,
Like a burden in the lover's heart, yet it's still growing more,
Please forgive me for what I've done all this time, baby,
Everyday I've write your name high above in the sky,
Listening to every step that you pass through the time,
Holding our memories tight to every dream that we've made,
Truly, like a shadow that doesn't want to be a shadow,
Journey of life had changed alone , because of you,
Don't you know ? your love like a river in my heart,
It's flowing all the time through a light of the northern star.

August 05, 2013

Please Come Back, I Love You

One blink of eyes in the middle of loving season,
I have never forget how you hold me in your arms,
Between the sound of water, beneath the peace of lotus flowers,
Giving a turbulence in my soul, as if inside me is a rushing wind,
My love, don't you see every tear in my words ?,
In every rainbow, there's a limited time to face,
Like a heart was made by the stone and sand,
Please, hold me once more,
My love, whenever I see east horizon, I see you,
Your smile and your perfection fulfill  the stars with its bright light,
Even though or path is blurred by the night,
Please come back, I love you

May 21, 2013

To Every Day of Life, Every Smile

That night where I hold you in my arms, truly it was a sweet thing in my life :)

Baby, I know it's hard to understand,
Even a blur eye can't guess it all at night,
Where a shadow become our only path,
And nothing can change within the wind.
Baby, trust me, you are everything to me,
Please take me with you, to every story,
To every day of life, every smile,
Because you are my beautiful day.
Like the flowers behind the valley,
Our love is shine through the flowing river,
With a glory from the sun, you are,
Baby, you are my everlasting memory.

January 22, 2013

Just Close Your Eyes

That night, whenever the falling star cross over the horizons. That very night, where I hold your hand and never let go. I promise under the moon that shines, your name and mine will be written in the sky forever, because I love you so deeply above all else...

Every day I am waiting for you, even for a thousand more, I'll do,
Like the flowers that live on the other side of the mountain, that is love,
Flowing to the downstream, a river that racing with anxiety over the time,
Baby, whenever a couple of doves were flying away, they'll be together also,
Every night while I watch the stars, I always ponder about you,
Your eyes, your smiles and everything inside your heart, I love you,
Doesn't matter when or where, still be a perfect moment for us,
Just close your eyes and you'll see me in your beautiful dreams,
Like a rainbow that exists after the rain, our love is so amazing,
Beneath the sky and clouds, our story is dancing ......... :)

October 29, 2012

Please Don't Leave Me

you are my everything, in all way,where the desire meets the spring of roses....

Every step that I've made was all about you,
Every mark on calendar, the way to be with you,
Was not my heart closed down for the wind at winter ?,
Say it louder, baby, so I can memorize a blitz of thunder,
In my vision, I see you many times, but a blur was its name,
Even a beautiful sunset can't hug me much longer than the hope,
Let it be, like the shadow in the night, choose its own path of love,
Where a dream is like the leaves that shed throughout the time,
Please don't leave me, baby, only you that are my breath,
I know my mistakes were like rain season at daylight,
When it is gone, it left in your heart like a glimpse of scratch,
Don't leave me, I can't stand for love beside this much....

ps : I am waiting for you all the time, don't you know ?

October 06, 2012

The Moonlight

Tonight my lucky star is on the bright side :)
Six times had I try to pinch my skin, and you are next to me :D
Baby, don't you ever try to let go this love...

Baby, it's hard to say to make sure for what it seems,
Lying on my bed all day, wake up in a bizarre desire,
I'd like to make myself cross my fingers just for fireflies,
Please take me away, my angel , from such goodbye,
Baby, you won't believe for what you see in daydreams,
Millions of stars are our witness, when I kiss you tonight,
You are, yes, you are my life like raindrops of a twilight,
And the bright light shines the beauty of the heart, yours,
Slowly I'd rather to stay awake, never missed the moment,
The moment where our eyes meet and say beautiful things,
Truly, only you what I've seen in every dream of lovers,
How my heart is for you every night, beneath the moonlight.....

September 08, 2012

Please Don't Leave Me

I am the wind of the past, release me from the four wind directions, just throw me away if you could .....

A rhythm of the night, burns every desire in me,
This heart is like a star that wrapped with sadness,
Only if you are here, everything is different to be,
Once again , a promise is a promise under loneliness,
Could it be love at first sight ? No,
Would it be the moon that shines ? No,
Please don't leave me,
Te amo, baby, just lookin' to my eyes,
How I am yours 'till the sun is rest,
That day whenever you and me in love,
Baby, forgive all my mistakes , they are no more,
Just believe me, and all things become round, unite,
Yes, forever you are mine
Baby, don't leave me